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Bret Talley

Bret Talley is the founder of Talley Digital Media, a full service agency which specializes in search engine optimization and digital marketing.  Talley is an expert in marketing and has been working in the media industry for close to 20 years, both in sales and management for large media companies before launching his agency in 2012.

Along with growing Talley Digital Media through the years, Talley has since launched several other successful brands in the digital and technology space.

Talley has degrees in both Marketing and Information Technology from Penn State University, both of which are important aspects of running a digital agency successfully.  

Talley initially grew up in Pennsylvania, and after completing his first degree in Marketing, moved to Florida to start his career.  After working in traditional media, he quickly realized that the internet was the future and was an early adopter of internet marketing technologies.  He began consulting and worked for a few internet marketing firms to hone his skills until launching his agency.  Now, 10 years later, Talley works with businesses and high-profile individuals throughout the world to generate more revenue online and grow their web presence.

In 2022, Talley launched several non-profit funds including the Bret Talley Grant, to provide funding to a future star entrepreneur that will change the world with their business ideas.



bret talley

Bret Wants to Reward an Entrepreneur who will change the world

Bret would like to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs with his grant which is available for business students who want to launch their own company when they are finished with their schooling.  Talley knows how difficult it is to launch a business while dealing with student debt, and he would like to help lighten the load a little.



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