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Bret Talley

Grant for student entrepreneurs

The Bret Talley Grant provides funding for a current student who would like to launch their own business after completing their degree.  The funds are available for all business students to apply.  Please follow the instructions on the application page to enter. 

Who is Eligible

The Grant funds are available for all students who are studying business or entrepreneurship and would like to launch a company when they graduate.  Also able to apply are high school students who will be entering a university to study business.  The Grant of $1,000 will be awarded to the winner of our essay contest to a deserving student who will be one of our future business leaders.

Bret Talley announces his grant for student entrepreneurs, which aims to help by providing funding for a deserving student who will be a future business leader and whose ideas will change the way we live.  Bret knows how difficult it is for students who are balancing finances and studies, especially those that want to start a business, and may be entering the world with significant amounts of student debt.  Bret would like to give back a little and lighten the load for a deserving student entrepreneur, along with creating awareness to the issues facing first time entrepreneurs so that more funds may come available.

Simple Steps On How To Enroll

Write Your Essay

We will be awarding the Bret Talley Grant for Student Entrepreneurs to the winner of our essay contest, so head over to the application page and write your essay to answer our question to apply.

Keep Learning

Continue learning and put in the work which has gotten you this far to continue on your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Turn In Your Essay

Once you have your essay ready, email us your response and application, and we will have our panel review all the essays and select a winner.

Earn Towards Your Tuition

We will be awarding the grant funds to the winner of our essay competition. We wish to reward a student who will help to shape the future of the business world and become a successful leader.

Bret Talley Grant for Student Entrepreneurs

Rewarding a future business leader.

Get Your Applications in Today


Future Business Leaders
It’s Time To Make A Difference.

Bret Talley understands first hand the difficulties facing students who wish to become entrepreneurs, and would like to give back with his $1,000 grant for a student entrepreneur who could benefit from the funds.  To apply, make sure you head over to the application page to see all the details about how you can apply for the grant.  Apply today and enter for a chance at the award.

If you need more information about the grant or need to reach out, feel free to use the contact form and someone will get back to you shortly.  Universities and schools who would like to collaborate with the Bret Talley Grant are welcome to reach out and learn how you can get involved.

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